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-> JR on Petopher: "Of course they would ship us. It makes sense… Oil and Water." - "They ship us? We’re like black and white. Hell and Heaven. God and Satan. Oil and water. Apples and Oranges. I can go on."  He finds it amazing that people ship Chris and Peter. He gave the ship several different names like, “Cheetah” “Halegent” “Argenter” “Cale” and JR is dead sure that, "… it’s the healthiest ship for you!" 

-> JR’s theorie on how Peter and Chris met: “Chris and Peter met as teenagers and bow chica wow wow and their parent’s didn’t want them together. And it’s not fair that Kate could get it with Derek but Chris and Peter couldn’t be together and maybe that’s why she burned the Hale house.” image

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One of the biggest reasons I no longer watch Teen Wolf or interact with the non-Sterek/Steter/Petopher-exclusive sides of the fandom is the way the show and the fandom glorifies Female-on-Male sexual and physical abuse.

Because it’s the reverse of the usual, it’s seen as okay. It feeds into the nasty “male tears” side of tumblr feminism. And quite frankly, it comes off as almost being revenge porn. It’s disgusting and the people defending it are vile. It’s not “cute” when a girl punches a guy in the face for no reason then fucks him later that day. It’s not justified when a woman manipulates a young man so that she can murder his family. It’s not romantic when a woman magically roofies a man and rides his dick off to the sunset. It’s not sexy to have a guy bound and tortured and unable to escape while a woman ‘checks him out’ in a lewd and sexual manner.

If one tenth of the things that happen to the guys on this show happened to women, there would be an outcry from all corners of fandom. But because it’s a guy, it’s funny.

As a male survivor, I just can’t be a part of this fandom.

— anon (via ultrateenwolfconfessions)
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Felt like time for a change




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You know I’ve never cared for Hawkeye, but I am in volume two of the collected Fraction run and him and Aja have made me fall in love with that book.

I LOVE the Fraction Hawkeye comics so much, but the last few I’ve read were kinda ‘blah whatever’ cause I’m in the … idk how the volumes separate out, but the ones that were basically the same comic but told from slightly different POVS (not even ‘someone else’s POV, just with a little extra) and then like 3 straight Kate Only issues and I don’t really like Kate Bishop as much as other people seem to (she’s kind of a bitch, really. Like, she’s amusing and all, but kinda MEAN about it) so I just wasn’t that interested. I THINK next issue for me it gets back to Clint so I’ll be more into it then.

I want to read Secret Avengers (even though the whole situation is really skeevy to me) but they did this thing where like… it’s not a reboot I don’t think but just the next volume but for some reason it started over at #1 again and I can’t tell if I’m looking at 2013 #1 or 2014 #1 at the comic store so I think I’ll just wait and read it online when I get a chance.

Idk, I’m only in volume two.  That’s the one with the girl form the russian “bros” and the flood.  I like Kate well enough, but out of say, the Young Avengers, she’s definitely in my bottom 3.  (at least for Gillen and Mckelvie’s run)

Girl i et so confused by that stuff all the time with comics, it’s just a thing we all have to deal with unfortunately.

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only true 90s kids remember what it was like when stiles and derek had canon scenes together

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Chelsea Rewatches Arrow S1


You know, John Barrowman really has aged well. All these close-ups and it’s one of those people you can tell he’s OLDER but he hasn’t really AGED that much. Still handsome as fuck.

He looks great!  Barely aged a bit!

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Season 1 of Bones was a treasure.

I was really worried about this photoset until that last caption.  Then I was like “FUCK YEAH PHILOSOPHY REFERENCES!”

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well i’ll be damned



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Arrow rewatch


Oliver Queen is like Derek Hale: Nothing good ever happens to him that doesn’t end in someone he loves dying.

Derek Hale

Dean Winchester

Oliver Queen

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This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013. 

…. I feel so lost because there were THIRTEEN songs on this video that I’d NEVER HEARD BEFORE! EVER! NOT A SINGLE TIME!

13?  Which ones?  The only one’s I know I haven’t heard are the Silverchair song and the second BSB song.  Can’t remember if I’ve heard the Wheatus song.  Also laughing at how Beyonce just dominates that list with almost one song on every other year.

I’m not rewatching the video again but I’d never heard that Silverchair song or the Wheatus one. I def had heard the BSB songs (What was the second one? Was it Incomplete? I fucking love that song!)

I just remember 7 were songs I hadn’t heard that were before 2009 and the rest were songs I hadn’t heard were since 2009 (sooo since high school). Not shocking at all, most of the songs I hated off this list were all Katy Perry, lmao. (HER SINGING STYLE. IT GRATES AT ME. IT SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S STRAINING TO TAKE A SHIT! SDFKLjas;lkdf)

Yeah, Incomplete was one of the three I’d never heard, or at least have no memory of.  I really liked the first stuff she came out with, at least how it sounded.  hot and cold, I kissed a girl (even if it has unfortunate undertones)  Her more recent stuff is kind of boring, like roar, et, pretty much everything after firework tbh.

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