Wolves of Innistrad
Just a dude who likes to write fanfic for Teenwolf on AO3. Prompts, questions and whatever welcome.
Working on "Like Mother, Like Son" on AO3. Fanboying over Teen Wolf. Roleplaying way too much but I don't care!
  • Kate: What do you want?
  • Peter: I want what I've always wanted...I want to poop here.
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Apologies for the quality, my computer shit the bed last night so I’m stuck with paper and pencil

Also not drawn but I refuse to believe that Scott and Stiles didn’t slow motion fliff the money into the air like they were in a rap video for at least a LITTLE bit

The Stydish threesome one got me good!

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also the sterek part and garret being an ass you are just so talented kendrawcandraw teen wolf teen wolf art Fanart

This Week On Teen Wolf





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Melissa Ponzio is just such a darling I love her so much as a person!

melissa ponzio

Does it make no one else uncomfortable that Jill Wagner is highly sexualizing an actual 16 year old boy???

jill wagner dylan sprayberry like i get it she can find him attractive but shes practically drooling over him during that teen wolf crush of the week segment and that's creepy as fuck and people would be saying more if it was a man doing that to a teen girl
Anonymous Whispered:
The last key for the Deadpool was Derek. Apparently he's going to die. The assassin's know that he's on the list and that he's important and worth a couple of million dollars. Who do we know that only cares about the money? Who do we know would kill for the money? Who do we know that's going to be getting closer to Derek and might be able to trick him, manipulate him (like his 2 other psychopathic girlfriends have done) and then kill him?



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How the fuck was Jennifer Blake a mentor on the show??!!?
— The fandom rn
Jennifer Blake wolf watch



peter and kate are gonna hate bang real soon

Little sister for Malia

I’m still in the “Kate and Peter are Malia’s bio parents” camp tbh.

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Peter she literally murdered your entire family and drove you insane you shit

Stop making deals with her.

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I can smell a rat… even in a sewer.
— Peter being a lil shit.
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